products and services

We are offering following products:

  • Mechanical and equipment installations
  • Piping installations
  • Steel constructions
  • Equipment, pipeline, and steel construction maintenance
  • Project management services

Welding will be done according to standard EC 3848-1 and steel constructions as per EC 1090. In all our operations we follow our quality manual.

For process industry we erect heavy units and equipment. In pipelines our knowledge is in industrial PEH pipes as well as carbon steel, stainless, acid proof, and (Super) Duplex pipelines.

In food processing industry we are specialized in any equipment mainly constructed of pipes. We can either manufacture these, install or both before mentioned. We have knowledge for hygienic requirements as well as SMS-materials used in food or pharmaceutical industry.

Our workshop has maximum capacity of 4000 hours per month. We manufacture prefabricated parts for our own projects or products for Your needs. We can handle similar materials in our workshop as mentioned before.